Nicky's book arrived Saturday and I love it. It is so well done, cute engaging story and the graphics are prefect. What a great collaboration. Nicky has quite the gift and I hope she considers writing more books in the future


Debbie, Los Angeles 

Super read and beautifully illustrated. My twins asked me to reread it over and over and it's their new favourite book 


Paul, UK, Amazon  

A great new author who clearly knows her animals. Beautiful and insightful book that children will love to read time and time again. It's a joy to learn about Cleo and Baloo's wonderful and heart captivating journey together!


Jo, UK, Amazon  

A charming book! 

A lovely book about welcoming a new pet into your family home 


Monehen, UK, iTunes

Wonderful tale

Beautifully charming and much enjoyed! The illustrations are wonderful and really bring the words to life. Looking forward to reading more of Cleo and Baloo's adventures 


Leelslovinpurple, UK, iTunes 

What a beautiful book and story. Well done 


Keeley, UK  

It's amazing, well done. I can't wait for the 2nd book


Esther, UK  

Your book is amazing, something to be so proud of 


Jess, New Zealand  

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